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Lorraine and Donna are experienced, registered and accredited counsellors, mediators and educators. They support individuals, couples and families as well as businesses and organisations. They have developed programs for success in educational environments as well as local sectors. The team offers a positive and constructive approach to moving forward, both personally and professionally; Lorraine and Donna will make a significant difference within your personal life as well as within your organisation!

They endeavour to support their clients to adapt to the changing face of personal and professional demands. Their goal is achieved by recognising contemporary challenges and helping all clients unlock their personal potential  and business/workplace outcomes.

Lorraine and Donna have developed training programs that unleash effective leadership skills and empower staff to work collaboratively and assist in developing cultures. They also offer personal counselling and mediation sessions. 

Lorraine & Donna educate businesses and organisations to attain “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW” to successfully communicate, develop excellent leadership skills, empower staff, so they can have a stress-free environment, healthy relationships, develop personal power, have great work ethics thus resulting in prosperity in all forms.

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It is important to know how to make healthy choices about your future, becoming your true authentic self, reaching your true potential. We support you to find your passion in life and to take small, practical safe steps in transitioning. Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information.

We specialise in: 
✓ Counselling  ✓ Coaching  ✓ Education  ✓ Success Stories

- Leaders in Emotional Intelligence -

Lorraine’s qualifications are in counselling, mediation, education, coaching, community service and training and development, ACA and NMAS

As a certified licensed counsellor, Lorraine supports businesses, individuals, couples and families in the areas of: relationship training, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, separation and divorce, self-esteem, bullying, career paths and work-related issues, offering Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW -developing people 4 success.

Ph. 0417 414 558 
Email. lorraine@tools4life.com.au
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Donna is a registered and accredited counsellor, mediator and educator
 ACA and NMAS 

She supports individuals, couples and families in the areas of: relationship counselling, grief and loss , family counselling, anxiety, depression, separation and divorce, self-esteem, bullying, career paths and work-related issues.
She also supports businesses in the areas of leadership training, work relationship training, assertiveness and team collaboration.

Ph. 0402 625 887
Email. donna@tools4life.com.au
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We invite you to contact us to share your organisation’s goals. We will arrange an interview with Lorraine and Donna to further understand your business challenges and determine whether your needs match our capabilities. To enquire about a tailored program, contact us by phone or email.


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