How Did I Learn About Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW?

I was referred to them thru a work-supported program (EAP) after I became very overwhelmed with work-life balance. I felt as though I was drowning and could hardly breathe. I was so unhappy at home and at work. I felt I was losing grip and focus on all aspects of my life.

Donna and Lorraine made me feel so comfortable and assured me that no matter how bad things may seem, “it can all be worked out” and they helped me thru the fog. I had used other counselling services before but this one was different. It just wasn’t about business but they sincerely did care for people. At that moment I didn’t feel just like a statistic, I felt I was not alone in my mess.

We explored some areas of my life, childhood, that impacted on my past and present problems and they shared tools that helped to break the cycle and create a future that I desired.

My marriage was going thru some hardships and previously my other half never entertained the idea of counselling. Already too many close people had been pulled into our whirlwind and we needed a mediator, someone neutral who knew no one and nothing about us.

The more we worked with Donna and Lorraine, it became evident what and where we were going wrong. It has not been easy having to relive some parts of our lives but it was absolutely crucial to get us where we are now.

It is still a work in progress but with the tools we were given, we are able to take control of our lives again.

My son is also using the service and I can already see some massive changes.

Thank you Donna and Lorraine with Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW for your help along life’s rocky paths. You’re a true Godsend.

Love always

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