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Browse the following section to hear from some of our professional clients. No matter the precise nature of your business, you can rely on our programs to enhance your operation and boost morale. Lorraine and Donna are standing by to assess your corporate needs.

I wish to acknowledge the work of “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW- Developing People 4 Success” in business organisations.

Our work with Lorraine Sutton and Donna Piromalli at “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW” aimed to reduce the apprehension and uncertainty that staff faced daily in the changing arena by 50% within eighteen months. We were thrilled when Lorraine and Donna implemented their “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW” Developing People 4 Success program that resulted in teams communicating effectively and efficiently. This was beyond our expectations in terms of staff working more harmoniously and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Lorraine and Donna was their ability to cut through the predictable politics in working closely with people, and the continued support for staff after hours which in turned delivered our expected outcomes in building a better culture within our organisation.

In closing, “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW” Lorraine and Donna have the insight and ability to nail and work with the root causes that impacts on negative cultures in business organisations.

I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine and Donna at Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW in assisting people to be the best version of themselves.

Yours sincerely

I have been fortunate enough to come across these two amazing ladies, Lorraine and Donna by accident about 3 years ago. I am 45 years old, a father of 4 beautiful children, a husband to an amazing wife and even though I am an extremely lucky man, I have suffered from anxiety on and off for about 6 years.

After many private sessions with Lorraine and Donna I was fortunate enough to be a part of one of their weekend workshops here in Griffith about two years ago. The workshop was a powerful and very personal experience for all involved and as a direct result two weeks later I stopped feeling anxious for the first time in years.

Post working with Lorraine and Donna I have successfully lived my dream to record an album (which is now available on iTunes worldwide) and made 4 videos to promote and market it, a feat which 3 years ago was certainly never an option as my anxiety crushed my self-belief and stopped me from living a normal existence.

I can only speak from my personal point of view but without these two caring and understanding ladies, my life would be very different and there are no words to express my profound gratitude for helping me find my true path and identity. There are many in the world who suffer in silence with anxiety and depression, but for those of us who dream of a better life we thankfully have Lorraine and Donna to guide us, listen to us, believe in us and guide us to a place where the air is clean and the light shines brighter than ever.

Keep up your caring world ladies, as many will always require your guidance for years to come.

Sincerely your friend as always,

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A History of Success

Bob’s Success Story

Bob was the CEO of a large organisation that employed approximately 70 staff. This organisation had been in turmoil for many years and Bob had been employed to implement change and build a better culture for the staff and the community. Within this organisation there were many teams that did not get along with each other. There was a lot of conflict, gossip, power plays and friction. Bob had made a lot of changes within the organizational structure, but he was not able to change the morale of the staff. Bob felt defeated in this area of his job.

Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW - Relationship Training was employed to work with this organisation and presented a series of sessions with the staff to gain awareness of emotional intelligence. Working with the individual teams and staff members, communication tools and skills were embraced. Staff were able to address their disappointments, gain clarity around issues and begin the process of effective communication amongst themselves. Values were developed for the business and staff were also encouraged to develop their own personal values.

Outsourcing “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW” was a powerful and cost-effective tool for Bob, as this allowed him to concentrate on day-to-day business whilst relationships, ethics and culture with the staff were being rebuilt.


The result for Bob was a harmonious work environment. Management and staff had gained awareness and tools to sort through old beliefs, behaviours and patterns. This newfound knowledge prompted the process of learning how to do things differently, which had an effect on the culture and morale of the staff.

Michael’s Success Story

Michael was in the music industry. He had taught music to children and had a lifelong dream of producing his own album.

Whilst Michael was self-employed he had gone through a lot of struggles in life. He had a family, so the financial pressure of providing for his family at times became a huge strain. Michael suffered with anxiety and had gone to various counselling services over the years; his anxiety still continued to escalate. He was very good at hiding this anxiety from the world and would suffer in silence.

Michael’s life changed after engaging with “Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW – Developing People 4 Success” relationship trainers who supported Michael through his anxiety. This program enabled him to deal with his past issues, heal and move forward toward achieving his passion. Michael had gained tools to deal with challenging issues, awareness about his life and how he ticks; he also gained strategies to live life in a more relaxed way.

Michael could better identify and hone in on his strengths, understand his challenges and develop a greater sense of who he is. Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW then began the process of supporting Michael to set a business plan with achievable goals in comfortable timeframes. Michael identified that by dealing with his past his dream was now taking shape and becoming a reality.

Michael had a clearer view of his dream and the steps to achieve it.


The result for Michael was having processes and strategies, to work through past issues that had caused him to feel frozen, stuck with little hope of achieving his dream. Now, Michael wakes up happy. His world is expanding as he achieves his dream.

Today, Michael has successfully released his album, and has promoted it well. Michael is working on his second album.

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