Training Programs

  Cultures Built To Last!

Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW offer an array of training programs to enhance all facets of your operation. Whether you would like to streamline production or become a better leader, we feature the right training techniques to suit your needs. Take a look at the following section to get a sense of our tailored program structure.

1. Introductory Meeting
We develop strong cohesive teams and restore fractured relationships.

2. Follow up Meeting
Discuss your organisations challenges.

3. Free Assessment
We offer a free 2 hour assessment of your company culture.

4. Culture Report
Establish a plan with evaluations.

5. Leadership Training
Build a successful work culture, bring the best out in your employees.

6. Employee training
Enhance workplace engagement and collaboration.

7. Delivery
Implement training with teams at all levels of leadership, departments and employees.

8. Employee/Management Assistance Program
EAP sessions when required.

9. Sustainability
Ongoing pathway to sustain improved culture, aligning with vision, work ethics and values.

10. Your Team Is An Extension of You
Strengthen your work community with positive and engaged teams.

Leadership Training 

Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a powerful Griffith Counselling and Mediation Services NSW for all levels of any organisation. 
Empower your leaders to effectively manage and maintain a culture that encourages and achieves results.

"Unlock your  Leader's  Potential for Better Performance"
  • Improve business culture
  • Training: goal setting, team building, evaluation and efficiency outcomes
  • Confront challenges head-on with wisdom by understanding triggers, avoiding the trap of defence
  • Develop personal plans to achieve goals
  • Create a meaningful culture: build trust and resilience, communication, cohesive collaboration with teams that are sustainable
  • Engage individuals to gain an awareness of the role that they play in challenging or critical situations that are solution focused with a collaborative outcome
  • Create a positive morale, increased productivity and prosperity

Employee Training 

Our training programs focus on work ethics, professional values and relationship training. 
With our assistance, staff members will be able to operate in perfect harmony. 

Work Ethics/Values and Relationship Training" 
  • Workload - Prioritise - Time management
  • Repair fractured relationships with individuals and teams 
  • Develop or improve relationships with management 
  •  Adopt best approaches to support teams to work together and learn how to improve team dynamics 
  • Learn to communicate effectively and efficiently with fellow team members, directors and stakeholders who may have different backgrounds and areas of expertise 
  • Understand your strengths, preferences, behaviour styles and areas for development to improve your individual/team capacity 
  • Understand your triggers; avoiding the trap of defence 
  • Develop a positive and productive work culture 
  • Develop an understanding of where you excel, how you function best in teams and areas of personal and professional development to help ensure successful outcomes in the workplace
  • Create a positive morale and increase productivity 

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