What Is Coaching?

Coaching is an educational and training modality used to help clients find their path in life. Our coaching programs will allow you to gain awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, while taking full responsibility for your actions.

What’s the Difference Between Counselling & Coaching?

  • Heals emotional pain and conflict
  • Focus on how your past could be affecting your present
  • Awareness of thoughts, beliefs, fears, behaviours and life patterns
  • Broader focus – greater depth of understanding
  • Learn to set achievable goals
  • Focus on the present – create a plan to hit the next level
  • Experience support and guidance as you move forward in life
  • Turn challenges into victories

The Benefits Of Coaching

Gain support as you identify your passion in life. Take practical steps as you transition into your new direction.
  • Identify your passion
  • Choose your desired career path
  • Creative thinking, direction and intuition
  • Identify your skills
  • Learn to be more assertive
  • Deal with group dynamics
  • Get organised
  • Manage stress
  • … And More!

Learn More About Our Coaching Programs

Live With Passion & Purpose

Our team will help you make healthy choices about your future, as you become your true authentic self and reach your true potential.

We have found that people from all walks of life have either chosen the wrong career path or have lost their passion in their current job. If you feel stuck, we help you uncover the passion in your life and take small, practical steps throughout this transitional period.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise, monitor and regulate your own emotions and act intelligently, rather than make reactive decisions. 

Emotional Intelligence also grants insight, understanding and recognition of other peoples’ behaviour and how they choose to manage them.

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