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Emotional intelligence (EQ) describes the ability to understand one’s own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It also provides awareness of how your feelings influence your mind, which then influences your behaviour. A thought produces a feeling; a feeling produces an action.

Our emotions can and often do influence the way we behave professionally or react to situations both positively and negatively in the workplace.

Lorraine and Donna will help you become aware of your own thoughts and feelings and how you and others respond in times of conflict or stress. Relationship training, when adopted, will improve your ability to interact and communicate more effectively with others.

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Conflict Resolution

Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a powerful skill for team members and supervisors alike. Resolving conflict can prove quite important and should be a part of everyone’s professional development training. With our assistance you will be able to confront challenges head on, with true wisdom.

Cultures Built to Last

When business ethics are clear and decisive and employees have a strong understanding of goals, objectives and expectations, it’s imperative to communicate the ethical policy that staff should follow. Most importantly, this message should be conveyed in a way that makes sense at all organisational levels. Strong culture is achieved by defining the workload each employee is assigned, along with job descriptions, corporate vision, policies and procedures and business ethics.

Relationship Training

Our Relationship Training program will help your team develop emotional intelligence, along with a sound awareness of their interpersonal skills. In many ways, these factors represent the fundamentals of strong and healthy relationships in business.

Team Communication

Effective and respectful communication is important in achieving a successful organisation. Whether your business focuses on service, performance or other similar goals, teamwork is fundamental in supporting productivity.

We help you explore the strengths and potential vulnerabilities of each team member and how to develop complementary roles within your organisation. You will also uncover where boundaries clearly overlap, ensuring that your employees are able to sustain a cohesive, well-functioning team.

Unlocking your Leader's Potential

If you run a business, it’s imperative that you are fully prepared to handle all facets of operation. Fortunately, our programs will help you lead the way by developing a personal plan to achieve your goals. We will also ensure you develop the proper methods of effective communication.

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